Contacts and Events


If you want to talk with us you may:

See Autocrypt-capable MUAs level 1 implementation status for links to ongoing development. Currently involved are developers from K9/Android, OpenKeyChain/Android, Enigmail,, Mailpile, Bitmask/LEAP, py-autocrypt, pyac and notmuch, as well as people from the NEXTLEAP, enzevalos and panoramix research projects and the ACLU.

Upcoming events

  • January 10-12th 2018: RealWorldCrypto 2018, Zürich. A few Autocrypters might go, maybe also try to give a Lightning talk, certainly have side-discussions like last year.
  • January 17th 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland: a day of discussions and interchange with researchers from EPFL and the NEXTLEAP EU project on out-of-band verification and key gossip, also in relation to Autocrypt.
  • March 2018: Internet Freedom Festival, Valencia. We proposed two usability sessions and several Autocrypt-related folks aim to appear in Valencia. It’s unclear at this point if we go for a pre- or post-gathering like we did in 2017.

Past events