Current docs (work-in-progress)ΒΆ

The following in-progress documents are written for early adopters and contributors, MUA developers and privacy enthusiasts.


discusses the motiviation, technical, social and design approaches of Autocrypt.

Example Data Flows and State Transitions

Example data flows and MUA state transitions. This may be the easiest place to get started with the concrete ideas behind Autocrypt.

Autocrypt Level 1: Enabling encryption, avoiding annoyances

Minimum requirements and implementer guidance for Level 1 Autocrypt-capable MUAs.

Autocrypt-capable MUAs level 1 implementation status

Client implementation status.

Interoperability With Other Cryptographic E-mail Mechanisms

Guidance for integrating Autocrypt with other e-mail encryption mechanisms and UI for existing MUAs.

Future Enhancements to Autocrypt

Future improvements for Autocrypt, beyond Level 1.

Potential ecosystem dangers of Autocrypt

Some documented risks and dangers to the mail ecosystem, related to Autocrypt.

Autocrypt FAQ


Autocrypt bot

Description of the Autocrypt bot.