Autocrypt press team

If you have any press-related inquiries please send e-mail to the press-team, The press team strives to answer within two workdays on press-related inquiries, and often will get back faster (we have a knack for e-mail).

This document describes our practises how we handle and account for press communications.

Current press-team members

  • compl4xx
  • dkg
  • Holger Krekel / hpk42
  • r10s
  • Vincent Breitmoser / valodim

Community interactions and responsibility

If the press-team becomes aware of reporting, it will usually send a link of press articles to the community mailing list. Anyone can ask how media reporting came about and how and who, if anyone, was involved from the press-team. Note that often journalists do not ask back before they publish articles, or do not even contact a project before reporting.

Press-team members remind each other when press-team internal discussions touch community matters that are better discussed through issues or the mailing list.

If you want to be on the team

If you want to help, ask the existing press team. Anyone on the existing press team may add you if you’re an active member of the project. Press team members don’t need to formally publish their nicks or names (though they can), but they are not considered a secret. Providing legal names is not required. Nicks are sufficient.

Communication and reply practises

When replying to an e-mail that was sent to the press-team, members of the press team reply from their personal e-mail address, so everyone can tell who is replying to and having the conversation. They will typically Cc the press-team at least on the initial reply so that the others know the communication is handled. If a conversation moved off to phone-calls, interviews, or private e-mail, then press members typically send a brief summary note to the other team members. Note that the press-team alias e-mail address is only used for inbound contacts, and shouldn’t be used to send new messages that aren’t a reply.

Changing practises

If you feel this press team document needs updates, please send Pull Requests.