Mail apps which support Autocrypt

Last update: Apr 26th 2018

The following Autocrypt-enabled mail apps are available and/or under development:


DeltaChat is an Autocrypt-enabled chat client for Android that uses E-Mail for messaging, offering a modern “Messenger” interface. You can download it or install it via F-Droid today.


Enigmail is a plugin for Thunderbird. For years, it has been the first choice to use OpenPGP encryption with E-Mail. Since Enigmail version 2.0, Enigmail supports most of Autocrypt.

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is an E-Mail App for Android. Its OpenPGP support is designed with Autocrypt in mind.

Mailpile (release candidate)

Mailpile is a new Mail app which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. It offers a modern web interface and has Autocrypt support.