Convenient End-to-End Encryption for E-Mail

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Autocrypt-capable mail apps work with any e-mail provider. You and your friends can use your existing e-mail addresses.

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Open Standard

Autocrypt is an open specification for e-mail encryption. Under the hood, it uses OpenPGP and other e-mail standards.

What is Autocrypt?

Autocrypt is a set of guidelines for developers to achieve convenient end-to-end-encryption of e-mails. It specifies how e-mail programs negotiate encryption capabilities using regular e-mails.

For users, Autocrypt Level 1 offers single-click, opt-in encryption, eases encrypted group communications, and provides a way to setup encryption on multiple devices.

If you have implementation or specification questions, please contact us.

Does it already work?

Several mail apps implemented Autocrypt, see Implementation status. Other mail apps expressed interest or started work on Autocrypt support.

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