Convenient End-to-End Encryption for E-Mail

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Autocrypt-capable mail apps work with any e-mail provider. You and your friends can use your existing e-mail addresses.

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Open Standard

Autocrypt is an open standard for e-mail encryption. Under the hood, it uses OpenPGP and other e-mail standards.

Our Mission

End-to-end encrypted e-mail has been around for decades, but has failed to see wide adoption outside of specialist communities. Autocrypt aims to provide encryption convenient enough for much wider adoption. Through strengthening the e-mail ecosystem step-by-step, we want to increase user autonomy and privacy for everyone.

The Autocrypt effort is driven by a diverse group of mail app developers, hackers and researchers who are willing to take fresh approaches, learn from past mistakes, and collectively aim to increase the overall end-to-end encryption of e-mail in the net.

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