Autocrypt bot

Implemented using muacrypt.


We deploy a preliminary auto-responder which accepts and sends mails with Autocrypt headers. Just sent a mail to and wait for the reply and look at the headers. As of January 2017, the Bot does not implement the full Level 1 protocol.

Bot Dovecot IMAP

You can login to IMAP/Dovecot (port 993, TLS mandatory) with the username “bot” and the password as stored in gitcrypt/credentials.txt. Ask on IRC or the mailing list and provide your gpg public key for access to the password credentials using git-crypt.

ssh access to bot account

You can ssh to the bot account: ssh -l bot, ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:4RWh81zOd/Pgq3mHhKpyLdVZJfOpq+DgqKheUIhJgWQ. Ask on IRC to get your SSH key added (anyone already with access to the account can add it to .ssh/authorized_keys).