Share your experiences with autocrypt!

A guest post by b3yond, on 2017-11-05.

Many IT people are a bit afraid of writing blog posts. There are no clear rules on how to do it, you can’t look up how the standard is, and copy-pasting is discouraged by societal norms of intellectual property.

There is no reason to be afraid though! We all have weird thoughts, and we all want to know what stuff other people are thinking. We want to share experiences, knowledge and some stupid proposal which probably will not work anyway.

So get your thoughts on paper!

Surely you have something in your mind which is worth sharing with the world, so people can learn more about autocrypt. Just write it down in rst format, and submit it to, so we can review and publish it.


Publishing a blogpost

If the guest post is fine so far and should be published on the website, take these steps:

Fine, now the article is public!